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7D2D RAT 2.0 Alpha -- 64 Bit 02012

A 7D2D Server Manager

  1. Trekkan
    7D2D RAT - Remote Admin Tool
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    7D2D RAT server manager can be used for both local and remote server administration. Meaning, you can use it whether you host your 7D2D Server from your home, or have it hosted with a hosting service. The only difference is there are a few features that can't work if you're remotely hosted (not many).

    Requirements *

    Bad Company Server Manager mod by StompyNZ is now REQUIRED for RAT to work.

    Alloc's Server Fixes are required for several features RAT uses (Webmap, Give command, etc)

    * Neither of these mods will change the gameplay or put your server into the modded category.​


    Feature list

    Local Server Configuration
    Manage all of the 7D2D server settings
    Import your existing settings from your serverconfig.xml file to save time!​

    Server Health
    Auto start your server on app launch
    Auto restart your server if it dies
    Auto restart server if its RAM usage exceeds your set limit (but only when there are no players on the server)
    Backup & Restore
    Backup your game at set intervals. Your players can remain online. Also automatically ZIPs your backups (if you select it).

    Restore functions will handle all of the dirty work! Select a previous backup, click Restore. You're done. It'll even restart the server for you if you want.
    Server Messages
    Create as many server messages as you want and control how often they appear. You can also choose to display them randomly or in sequential order.
    Grab bag system
    Robust system to reward your players with bags of goodies! You specify what bags they can win, what the percentages are for a bag, and even what items (quantity and quality) are inside!
    Discord Support
    Perform commands from discord on your server, chat with players, etc.​

    IRC Support
    Basic IRC support to view/chat with your players
    VAC Ban Support
    Check and see if players have VAC bans, then act as you wish (kicks/bans) based on the results. Help keep those bad players away, before they become a problem for you!
    Host Bans
    Ban any host mask you want, including entire countries, etc.​

    Ping Kicker
    Kick or Ban anyone that exceeds your ping limits. You can configure how many times they must fail the check before taking action.
    Log Export
    Export your console or chat logs based on Time/Date, Player Name, or entire logs. Will also optionally chunk the logs into specific file sizes to limit each logs size.
    Custom Event System
    You can create as many events as you want, they'll trigger on such things as a player joining the server, chatting, dying, being banned, etc. Then, the script is executed, performing the commands you specify. This is a fairly powerful system and is being improved and enhanced all the time.
    Email Events
    Input a list of email addresses that will get emailed when various events happen, such as: Server Restarted, Player Reported, Backup Complete, Player Failed Host Check, Player Failed Ping Check
    White Lists
    Choose any player and set their access to whitelist against specific features, like Host Bans, Ping Checks, etc.
    View Player Inventory
    See exactly what players have in their inventory, just as though they see it in game. See items, quality and quantity, along with the actual image of the item.
    And all of the other features you would expect from a server manager
    Kick players
    Ban Players
    View all players
    Manage Admins
    Manage Server commands and their access levels
    Full console window to perform any commands you need
    Chat window, allowing you to view/chat with your players
    There's much more to see in RAT and much more to come!


    Q: RAT crashes as soon as it starts up
    A: If upgrading from RAT version < 1118, you'll need to perform these one time steps. After that, RAT will start normally from then on.

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Recent Updates

  1. Bug fixes, Grabbag fixes, some UI changes
  2. Bugfixes
  3. Several Bugfixes

Recent Reviews

  1. kachow
    Version: 02010
    Great tool
  2. Teglami
    Version: 02008
    Awsome Server Manager! I love it <3 (and you)
  3. Doublee
    Version: 02008
    Awesome work!!
  4. Trucker-Joe
    Version: 02004
    Greatings from Germany. Great Job and nice Tool. Please donĀ“t stop working on this. I hope in A17 it works so good too
    1. Trekkan
      Author's Response
      Thank you. =) I'm sure it'll break in A17, but... I'll fix it. =)