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    WURM Unlimited

    I am also knee deep in B&S and still playing FFXIV... well, when work allows. I'll hop in here from time to time as well.
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    Whats been going on

    yep, same here
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    Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

    following. looks very interesting.
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    Saltwater Aquarium/Marine tank/Reef Tank/etc etc

    None of my experience would be helpful I'm afraid. I love a good salt water tank but, it's been years (25ish) since we had one... i was a kid so, not a lot of setup experience. THat said, keep us posted, I'd be interested in hearing how it goes
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    Sword Coast Legends

    The best part of that announcement for me is that the changes/updates are very much inline with the feedback they have been getting. It's nice when a studio says that they listen and actually do, you know, listen.
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    Technical Issue - Assistance Requested

    Is it possible he is using more than the power supply can support?
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    Sword Coast Legends

    im going to be able to play over the weekend. until then, it will be limited.
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    No man's sky

    elite dangerous doesnt have a third person view and i remember readng that there weas one for no man's... that will be a big part of the deciding factor for me since i cant play first person. if no man's doesnt have a third person view, i will read posts from other folks on the forum :)
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    No man's sky

    following... might be interested.
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    Sword Coast Legends

    purchased :)
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    New board game simulator/creator Kickstarter

    hhmm... interesting....
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    Our Windows 10 diary. =)

    nice. hope it continues to go well
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    Windows 10 Tomorrow! Check drivers here!

    im very much in 'wait and see' mode... will be interested to see how it goes.
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    Final Fantasy X|V Reborn

    i think it'll get better as the day goes on but, will be bad in general throughout the weekend. since it starts in COerthas, i expect that to be unstable first then spread throughout ishgard as the day goes on. supposedly, the main story is 50ish hours and just doing the story is almost enough...
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    Final Fantasy X|V Reborn

    i finished up the story a couple of weeks ago and i only have 2 non-spoiler things to say: - i still hate lalafels - i still hate Uldah that is all I cannot wait to see how things play out in Ishgard - excited for the new jobs (astrologian looks like a lot of fun and very versatile and...