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    Change server version

    I'd recommend following this: Guide: How-To download almost every past Steam version of 7 Days To Die from Steam There is no "easy" way to do it, meaning as BP said, the defaults in Steam are either the latest stable or experimental.
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    Change server version

    I don't know, but I wouldn't recommend it. Downgrading is generally going to cause issues if you keep your game world. If you want to start over, then yeah, there wouldn't be any issues of course. But I wouldn't recommend it.
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    Teleport to a predefined place in RAT. 7D2D server Problem

    In this case, you're "outside" of the RAT teleport system for an individual player. So you'd create a new event (leave that one alone, its for each persons individual teleports). Conditional: STARTSWITH:!coliseo Script: teleportplayer {player_steamid} {tele_coliseo} Please check for errors...
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    7D2D RAT 2.0 Alpha -- 64 Bit (Alpha 19 Compatible) - Discord Fixes, Added DCHANNEL RAT Command

    Fixed: Landclaim on/offline durability was set to a max of 100, when 256 is the max allowed by the game (Reported by: SARAKATUNGA) Fixed: MaxWorldTransferSpeed and MaxAllowedViewDistance were not saving to the RAT database (Reported by: SARAKATUNGA) Removed: Channel name from Discord setup. RAT...
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    Bad Company Manager Mod 5

    This mod is required for RAT 2.X to function. The mod is written by StompyNZ and I have been given permission to post it here for download.
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    Outlaws Server Manager (OSM)

    I still haven't gotten back into the game and as such, I haven't had any interest in updating OSM. That said, I can't say I'll never update it, but don't wait for me to do it, it could never happen. Sorry, I just have other projects that I'm actively working on. That no one else has done this...
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    Link for Bad Company Server Manager

    Looks like both issues were resolved in Discord. I'll be putting up a perm link to BCM later today here on the website. In the meantime, it is available in the #rat_info channel on our Discord for anyone else looking for it.
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    [Not a Bug] multiple problem A19

    I'm pretty sure that those are "normal" errors and nothing to worry about. Those come from the game server itself and have been there... forever. =) They are more warnings than anything and as far as I know, nothing we can fix/change. As long as your server is up and running, you should be good.
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    [Not a Bug] multiple problem A19

    On the Server Configuration tab, make sure you have set the Server Path correctly. Also, unless you have a specific reason to set them, make sure User Data Folder and Save Game Path are empty. On the Game Settings 1 tab, make sure you have correctly selected the Game World name and the Save...
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    [Future Feature] Run RAT as a service.

    You can run multiple instances of RAT (as many as your system can handle). I know a couple people that run 4 game servers and run 4 instances of RAT. You can find some documentation on how to do that here: [DOC] - Running Multiple Instances of RAT Short version is, you rename the EXE and then...
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    [Future Feature] Run RAT as a service.

    While possible, the amount of work it would take me to do that, I wouldn't really have the time to do. The limited amount of people that would even use it that way also decreases the value in taking the time to do it. I do like the idea, there just isn't enough time to spend on features a...
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    cant see webmap

    Check this: Integrated Webserver – 7 Days to Die - Linux Server Management Specifically the permission, it sounds like you might have not set that one.
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    I love RAT!

    I'm really glad you're enjoying it and thank you for the nice words and coming here to post them!! =)
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    [Researching] Problem restoring from backup

    Sorry about that! Thanks much for the report, I'll add that to the list of bugs to fix!
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    [Waiting for User] Why do players show as logged in status when they are logged out of the server?

    This is usually due to RAT not seeing them log out. Meaning, either RAT wasn't running when they logged out, RAT missed the event for a reason (a mod changing the message, or... just missed the messed), etc. So they are still listed as online. When you start RAT, I set all players to offline...