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    stuck at "Receiving and loading configs..."

    You said you reinstalled? Did you redownload the RAT Hotfix as well? If not, make sure you do that.
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    [Researching] Is there a way to log the game chat?

    Hmm... I thought all of the logs should be there, I'm going to move this to the bug reports to look into.
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    Why is the whitelist function not working?

    Its entirely possible I didn't add a whitelist check to the VAC Bans. I'll have to check later. That stuff was written probably 2 years ago and I haven't heard anything about it, so... not sure off the top of my head.
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    Cannot delete command permission

    I don't think this would be a RAT thing, as this is just a UI into the admin system built into the game server. You can check the console to see the command RAT is issuing to see if there might be a problem there, but odds are, there isn't. Have you tried deleting both DM and "dm" and then...
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    teleport not functioning.

    Yeah, the problem is the missing pipe |. Needs to be || as badplayer said. As for the player name issue... NEVER use player_name unless it is for display purposes only, or if a command requires a player name. Use the player_steamid instead to assure you have the correct player as well as...
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    Is there a trick to getting the map to be visible for all players?

    I've never had a problem with it, but I've also never really bothered to open it up to everyone. However the documentation on the webmap is here: Integrated Webserver – 7 Days to Die - Linux Server Management Hopefully that helps!
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    I messed up my server my server, please help!

    If it says "world not loaded" it probably means your backups were not set correctly as either there is no world to load, or its generating a new one...
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    Custom Commands by badplayer

    In order to reset a chunk, all players must be out of it before it'll work (it has to unload from the server, then the reset actually works). That much I remember from others doing similar things.
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    I messed up my server my server, please help!

    What Badplayer said. Although, I don't know the exact way it screws it up. Because I've reset the time on the current day (say from 10pm back to 8am) many times, without a single problem. However, I've also broken my game (in the same way as you, and also no bloodmoons) buy skipping large...
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    Event swear/word control?

    Well, that SHOULD work... it might not as I haven't done it myself, but... if it doesn't work its a bug that needs fixing, but no idea if I'll get to it. Otherwise you'd have to create an event for each word, which while annoying (I totally get that), would work for now.
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    Event swear/word control?

    You'd make an event for each word you want to trigger on, it would be an ON PUBLIC CHAT event. Then you'd have something like this as the conditionals: CONTAINS:YOURWORD then in the script, whatever you'd want to do to them for using the word, such as the debuffs you've listed above, or...
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    Nitrogen + 2dt2 rat

    That's a known bug in RAT. To work around it, click File -> Settings, and uncheck the checkbox for "have RAT Writen a new serverconfig.xml file". That will make it so RAT doesn't manage that file, which means all of the settings on the Server Config tab that relate to the settings in that...
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    [DOC] How to Completely (and cleanly) Uninstall RAT

    RAT doesn't change the game files other than the serverconfig.xml so it has to be a coincidence, but.... glad that worked. I've had to do that myself a few times.
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    [DOC] RAT Events (Intro)

    Weird, I'll have to look into it, sorry about that! Here's a specific link for you, it expires in 24 hours. =)
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    [DOC] RAT Events (Intro)

    Scroll down a bit and keep looking on the left.