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    [Under Consideration] Discord integration via webhook

    Speaking of such Trek. Can you give me Discord privies? I cant go into any channels and I don't know why. I know I am all registered and such.
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    A 17 stuff

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    New JFF MembeR Introduction for Lurple

    Welcome to the group. Just one rule, Don't feed RaveKnave after midnight. It is not a pretty sight.
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    Alpha 16 Experimental!

    Just My thought that we might want to redo a new world, there have been a lot of changes to it that will cause bugs like picking things up that you placed before the patches and using tools from before the patches too.
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    JFF Game Server Status

    A16 Experimental B129 Bug Reports Only Thread
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    JFF Game Server Status

    I love the random rain day thing. but 8-12 hours is a little to much.
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    JFF Game Server Status

    Alpha 16 Experimental B113 is Out!!
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    JFF Game Server Status

    your the best in the world of JFF.
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    Alpha 16 Experimental!

    Steam Community! A16 exp update
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    New Bear model. Here is a close look at a front view of the new non-zed bear. like everything right now it was running in a circle. Also it was in a single player world that I was testing things out in...
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    Starvation mod

    There are new work stations that let you make new things, a ton of new weapons. There are also pets that you can tame and use for defense. There are a few new skills, and chain quests that boost things like rifles and archer. The mod makes it harder in the start because you are more scared of...
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    Starvation mod

    So I have been playing this mod for a while now, and I have to say that it is everything that we have been wanting for 7 days. They have even put in in the past few weeks a sanity system. Food spoilage, that makes having fridges usable, working NPC's that give quests and also that you can have...
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    My First (and probably last), experience with

    this is the modern day "me so horny, me love you long time"
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    Game Servers

    Go onto steam and search for Faedom. I think it is his server. send him a message on there or after you find him you can then search for the guild in his profile on the steam forums. They have a link to it on there. they also use Discord.
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    Thank you.

    I supported his work for his CE tool. I figured what the heck, I mean I know he likes doing it for the fun because he says that that is the type of code he likes to do, but his one for 76 days got over 17k down loads. That is the least I could do esp for all the stuff he does for us on a...